Wherever there’s discrimination, it brings equality. Where there’s injustice, a megaphone.
Singing frees slaves, gives voice to the forgotten, soothes the sad.
The stage is open to all. Even the out of tune. The world moves ahead with its eyes on the stage.
It’s where everything happens. Where Elvis shakes his hips and changes TV.
Jim Morrison invites everybody to get high. Bob Marley urges: don’t give up the fight.
John Lennon asks: give peace a chance. From the stage, we freed Mandela, helped Africa and Haiti.
We raised the flag of diversity. Or simply shouted our favourite lyrics until we lost our voices.
Music erases borders, dissolves colours, unites races. It gives you goose bumps. Music is the world’s fairest monarchy.
The King of rock, the King of the blues, the Queen of soul, the First Lady of jazz,
the Lady of pop, the Prince of metal, they have all deserved their titles. And are loved by their millions of subjects.
What music gives us, nobody can take away. Music is the one that always speaks ahead.
And that’s never left anyone behind. Music changes the world.

Ipanema FM. 30 years. Listen ahead.
Illustrator: Meca/Márcio Negherbon
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